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On World Teachers' Day we are launching CHANGE ARCHITECTS 2019


At the foundation of our initiative are the teachers. Without teachers' passion, effort and desire to do more for their students, this initiative wouldn't be possible. There so, today on their day, we would like to launch Change Architects to celebrate and recognize teachers' role in building the future thought their students. Happy anniversary and Many thanks!

To me, Change Architects is an acknowledgement of the changes my students are capable of creating when they are faced with a challenge. By applying the design thinking method to their extra curricular activity they developed their critical thinking skill and capacity to make the right decision to come up with sustainable solutions. They transformed themselves into superheroes with superpowers! While performing this activity, they connected with each other on a personal level, learned how to work in teams and developed entrepreneurial competencies. Adela Andrei


1. Integration of Sustainable Development Goals

2. Launching Level 2 Accelerate

3. Launching Ambassador Teacher Program

4. Continuous support with our MeRCI supporters group

5. Exchange programs with students from the USA

This is just the beginning of a new Change Architects journey. Children become Superheroes when they say I CAN!


You can read our Executive Summary here.

Are you ready to day I CAN?

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