Differences and Alternatives, Ulmi Secondary School, Dâmbovița

Why environmental education? Because more than 5.3 million people use natural resources (often abusing them with knowledge and sometime in ignorance). In all corners of this world people cut the trees, extract minerals and energy, damaging the soil, polluting the air and water and generating dangerous waste.

Using an interactive and participatory method with emphasis on critical thinking, research and creative problem solving we aim with this project to help students care about the environment as well as contribute to maintain the environment quality.

The stories we say are always true. Because we really believe this and because we invest a lot of energy in them. I like that every year at the start of the school year I can tell my students an inspirational story about technological education. I like to see their curious eyes listening to my story.

Change story facilitated by Adela Andrei.

List all the problems identified by students:

- The project "Differences and Alternatives" is taking place in Ulmi a small school in a rural community near Targoviste the project started at the first class of Technological Education at the 5th grade.

" ... you will learn how the earth works, what are the results of damaging the environment and that is our role in preventing environmental issues. When hearing this a boy with green eyes said:

- Teacher, we see everyday around us more dust, more trash....

- We heard that plastic bags will be banned! Is this true? said Gabriel the next second

- Our streams are filled with plastic bottles and at the edge of our village there is a lot of trash brought by people. In less than a second we start hearing all students saying

- Destroying the nature we are destroying our home! We are destroying ourselves. "

Explain what problem was selected and why:

-this is how my students feel and the idea started the grow and transform in facts

Who is affected by this problem and how?

Environmental quality directly impacts students and their families lives. Helping them learn their rights as citizens giving them power to take action and feel that they matter and we can raise awareness regarding environmental issues.

List all the solutions found by students.