Playful approach to interactive growth , ,,ALEXANDRU ȘTEFULESCU’’ Secondary School, Tg. Jiu, Gorj

3rd graders fed up with bullying decide to take action and reduce the violence. Their approach was to reduce bullying through interactive games during recess. Their objective was to unify the students and teaches them how to be honest, respectful to the rules, team work and overall develop the fair play spirit.

They proposed different games which can be played with a large number of players. They found applicable materials (balls, ropes, scarfs, etc.) and created 5 teams, each responsible for a day of the week. After one week they had to rethink their strategy and scope as they had more students than originally planned. Due to this activity they noticed a positive change in the overall attitude, interaction and relationship among themselves.

Change story facilitated by Vladu Ana Nicoleta.

List all the problems identified by students:

- There are beggars in the school yard;

- People are smoking in the school yard;

- There is too much noice and everybody runs in the small school yard;

- School and surrounding cleanness is lacking;

- There is a lot of physical and verbal abuse during the recess;

- The local store sells useless objects;

- There are too many cars and people before 8 am creating congestion; .

Explain what problem was selected to be solved and why.

The students noticed that bullying is growing among students from the same classroom and students from different classrooms, there so they decided to take action and reduce the violence

They were often abused verbally and physically by other classmates and they didn't like how it felt, for this reason they would like to have good relationship with each other. They believe that they can work together and they can become and example for the school and the community.