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3rd graders fed up with bullying decide to take action and reduce the violence. Their approach was to reduce bullying through interactive games during recess. Their objective was to unify the students and teaches them how to be honest, respectful to the rules, team work and overall develop the fair play spirit.

They proposed different games which can be played with a large number of players. They found applicable materials (balls, ropes, scarfs, etc.) and created 5 teams, each responsible for a day of the week. After one week they had to rethink their strategy and scope as they had more students than originally planned. Due to this activity they noticed a positive change in the overall attitude, interaction and relationship among themselves.

Change story facilitated by Vladu Ana Nicoleta.

List all the problems identified by students:

- There are beggars in the school yard;

- People are smoking in the school yard;

- There is too much noice and everybody runs in the small school yard;

- School and surrounding cleanness is lacking;

- There is a lot of physical and verbal abuse during the recess;

- The local store sells useless objects;

- There are too many cars and people before 8 am creating congestion; .

Explain what problem was selected to be solved and why.

The students noticed that bullying is growing among students from the same classroom and students from different classrooms, there so they decided to take action and reduce the violence

They were often abused verbally and physically by other classmates and they didn't like how it felt, for this reason they would like to have good relationship with each other. They believe that they can work together and they can become and example for the school and the community.

Who is affected by this problem? How are they impacted?

The ones who suffer the most are the children who are more sensitive and shy.

The teachers often have to intervene and mediate the conflicts between the students.

List all the solutions identified:

- Install cameras to monitor the situation and to identify the aggressors and punish them;

- Have more teachers who supervise the school

- Have more security personnel during recess

- Dismiss the aggressors

- Bring toys in the small yard to be used during recess

- Have fun games and activities they could play

- Have posters and awareness messages

What solution was selected to be implemented and why?

The students reflected and realized that games are fun for all, no matter what age are they. They believe that if during breaks they could play more games and involve more students than the violence would be reduced, because all the students would be involved including the bullies. When they play they learn how to be honest, respect the rules, work in teams and they develop their fair play spirit.

Shortly describe the process of implementing the solution.

Once they had decided that the issue of violence can be solved using games, they have split into 5 teams and worked together to find ways to put their ideas into practice.

They conducted analysis, proposed games which can be played with a large number of players, they found the materials needed (ropes, balls, scarfs), and divided themselves into five teams each responsible for a day of the week. They designed posters and wrote messages.

The following week the games took place as planned but shortly after they had to regroup because more students that estimated came to participate to activities.

What are some of the results or impact of your project?

- As a result of this project 3rd graders are more responsible and more confident in their work.

- The teachers are happy that the violence in school has reduced, in the school yard but also inside classrooms because students now are more united.

- 75% of students are happier that they are not victims of bullies.

How many people were impacted by your solution?

more than 100

What did the beneficiaries say about the solution? Write two testimonials or opinions.

- Students are happier and can't wait for the recess time to come. They are willing to learn new games and play together as a group.

- The teachers who supervise the school during recess are happier since there are less conflicts and the recess time doesn't involve violence.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

-The time was not enough. The activities took place outside school hours and for this reasons and the lack of space at school we didn't have sufficient time to analyse better and become more productive.

- The 3rd graders organized first games only for their own classroom but soon other students became interested and they were also included in the activities.

- Everything seamed to go according to the plan but the news that there are games taking place in the small yard moved fast and more and more students came to play. The organizers realized that they need to reorganize. They divided themselves into more groups and more games were taking place in the same time, giving more students the chance to get involved.

- We engaged with all the 26 classroom from our school and they also started to organize games.

How long did it take to implement the solution?

7-15 days

What did you do to promote the project in your school or community? Who learned about your project and what did they say?

- We presented the project to other teachers and they were all excited about our work. Other teachers were so excited to get involved into our activities and they offered their full support.

- The students created posters and awareness messages to let people know what they are doing.

- The parents liked the initiative and supported with materials

How many people learned about the project in total?

- 20 -50 people

What are your plans for continuing the project in the future?

- Next year we are planning to engage with other classrooms to become responsible for leading games every week and have an ongoing schedule.

- We would like to fundraise and rearrange the space to be able to conduct different fun activities in the small yard

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