POTential Made in Gologanu! Secondary School, Gologanu, Vrancea

The local soccer field located on the outskirts of the village, where we could organize events. sports competitions, games, and practice, is currently in very bad conditions.

The fence is broken and often the caws and sheeps come in to eat the grass and people start bringing their trash there as well. Our students with the support of local government decided to get involved and bring the place back to life.

Change story facilitated by teacher Tatiana Cristian.

List all the problems identified by students:

- 1 Bringing the local soccer field back to life.

- 2 Connecting our village to gas heating system

- 3 Finish the street ditches in the village

- 4 Adding more computers to the computer lab

- 5 Keeping our village clean with waste management and recycling

Explain what problem was selected to be solved and why:

The students decided to get involved in the rehabilitation of the soccer filed locate in the outskirts of the village, close to the main road. The soccer field was in a very bad condition. There as a lot of trash, animals were coming in and the fence was broker and in some places missing.

Our village Gologanu, is one of the most beautiful places in Romania, I am saying this with modesty. Our houses are well taken care of, all the street are paved and have flower names, almost all community members have roses in their yards and in front of their house. You need to come and see it for yourself!

When we will restore the soccer field we believe that our village will be even more famous, because of the events which can be organized there, community members lifestyle will improve and our community will be healthier and more responsible.

Who is affected by this problem? How it affects them?

Our students and overall community members, don't have a place where they could meet, exercise or conduct different formal and non formal games. Or village doesn't have anymore a soccer team.

Students could use the filed for school competitions as well as different activities as well as festivals, and others.

This is a problem for the community members as well as those who are just passing by. Together we can change this!