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Rainbow Book Club -,,Toma T. Socolescu” Secondary School, Păulești, Prahova

The school library became community library as a result of this project. During meeting at the local library the students realized that they hardly interact with each other, have difficulties communicating, have difficulty finding the right words and spend a lot of time in front of the screen of their phone, computer or table.

When we were looking for change opportunities we had many interesting ideas. The idea had to become facts and it became! We felt, we imagines and we did. We are now communicating!

Change story facilitated by teacher Popescu Ileana Alina.

List all the problems identified by students:

- we are no aware of the communication effects on our personal life;

- the consequences of the lack of information

- the value of oral/written communication for students

- lack of reading activities

- lack of capacity to listen and empathize with others

- lack of patience among colleagues, parents and so on...

Explain the problems you have chosen to be solved and why.

People don't spend their time reading and this has negative effects in the classroom, community and overall social interaction;

How are people affected by this problem? How it affects them?

Those who are the most affected by this are the children directly and indirectly all those close to them such us parents, grandparents, teachers, community members and groups they aspire to belong to.

The students are aware that they can't find a common language, the words have new meanings, communication does not involve dialog with individuals. The children believe that nobody can understand them.

List all the solutions you have found:

- Rainbow book club

- Reading as a game;

- Show the book you want to read

- reading with friends

- I recommend you a book and you recommend me one

- Colors day! (rainbow colored clothing is sending joy, energy and I chose the book related to my color)

- Photography day! (each picture has a story)

- My favorite book!

- Watching movies based on books!

What solutions have you selected to implement and why?

Rainbow book club - because rainbow is not a color but is rather an emotion, a feeling. We lived and experienced all together!

Describe the solution implementation process

We first reflected on all the ideas and we formed different teams. The activities took place at the local school, local library, Local festivities room, museum and local park

The participants who were involved in lecture, played, took pictured and in the end could rediscover, reevaluate their colleagues and people who are close to them .

What are the results or the impact of your project?

We smiled a lot and there was no arguing. We changed our attitude towards books and school

We were proud of our results.

How many beneficiaries did you have?

20-50 people

What did people say about your work? Write 2 quotes.

The parents were surprised to see that their children spend time at the library and they were very proud of them, but also were pleased by the change they could see at their son/daughter

" My mom couldn't believe me when I told her I am at the library." (student)

"When she start telling me what she was reading about, I couldn't believe it" (parent)

What challenged did you face and how did you overcome them?

At start it was hard to find an area of action and it was difficult to sort through our ideas. We overcome the challenged by realizing that the most important thing at this age is communication, relationships, information and self confidence.

How long did it take you to implement the project?

7-15 days

What did you do to promote the poject? How is aware of your project and what did they say?

All had a very important role! We had meetings at school, we spoke with other by phone or online on social media. We also reached out to the local newspaper.

How many people heard about the project?

- more than 100 people

How would you like to continue this project in the future?

The 20 students from Paulesti are planning to continue to stay involved in the book club. We feel that the community is supporting us.

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