Rainbow Book Club -,,Toma T. Socolescu” Secondary School, Păulești, Prahova

The school library became community library as a result of this project. During meeting at the local library the students realized that they hardly interact with each other, have difficulties communicating, have difficulty finding the right words and spend a lot of time in front of the screen of their phone, computer or table.

When we were looking for change opportunities we had many interesting ideas. The idea had to become facts and it became! We felt, we imagines and we did. We are now communicating!

Change story facilitated by teacher Popescu Ileana Alina.

List all the problems identified by students:

- we are no aware of the communication effects on our personal life;

- the consequences of the lack of information

- the value of oral/written communication for students

- lack of reading activities

- lack of capacity to listen and empathize with others

- lack of patience among colleagues, parents and so on...

Explain the problems you have chosen to be solved and why.

People don't spend their time reading and this has negative effects in the classroom, community and overall social interaction;

How are people affected by this problem? How it affects them?

Those who are the most affected by this are the children directly and indirectly all those close to them such us parents, grandparents, teachers, community members and groups they aspire to belong to.

The students are aware that they can't find a common language, the words have new meanings, communication does not involve d