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When the children are the architects of their future - Teach for Romania

120 minutes.... time can take many forms, sometimes is too much, other times is not enough, and sometimes you want to change the time zone and say once again!

When you meet talented people, agile and dedicated to contribute to children education , sometime like that happens. Time stops.... This is what happened during the workshop we organized at Teach for Romania Leadership and Pedagogy Academy on July 25th, 2018

On a hot almost tropical summer day, we explored how much learning can take place through play, drawing, team work and empathy.

It was a demanding workshop when the future Teach for Romania teachers were introduced to Change Architects teaching methods and activities centered on Children. Over 46 teachers experienced the FIDS (Feel, Imagine, Do and Share) design thinking method. Though practical activities they learned how to apply this method with their students. We organized an interactive training using unconventional materials such us LEGO bricks, colored pens, straws, etc.

Together we concluded that change starts with simple steps, in the classroom involving and encouraging the students to believe that they CAN and become our everyday Superheroes!

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