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School Garden, ”Sfânta Maria” No. 7 Secondary School Timișoara

Our school is modern, clean and upgraded. Our classrooms have new furniture, we have computer and projector in each classroom. The only part that needs improvement is the school garden. There are some trees but we are missing the color and happiness the flowers provide.

Students from 5th grade noticed this issue and decided to solve it with the support of all school students. The students divided themselves in groups and started to build awareness inside the schoolmates regarding their idea. They decided that every kid can contribute by bringing a flower which can be planted in the garden.

The students promoted the project using the school radio, flyers and making announcements in each classroom. Next they start receiving flower pots. They took care of the flowers, watered them and planted them in the school yard. The students designed letter 7 out of the flowers which is a symbol for the school name.

Change story facilitated by Tundrea Marinela.

List all the problems identified by students:

- The students thought first of the problems faced by children who are abandoned or those who lack resources to purchase books, notebooks, food, clothing, etc. or those children whose parents work abroad and they were thinking to raise funds and goods to be donated.

- The students were also bothered by the trash that is present in parks. However they had cleaned the park during the biology classes.

- When it come to their school, their classroom is placed towards the school garden. The kids realized there is a lack of color and flowers in the garden. They also identified where in the garden is sun and is a good place for flowers.

What problem was selected and why?

After we wrote on the blackboard our problems, we voted the problem we want to address. We asked them to decide if they want to vote publicly or privately and they decided to say their preference and the majority decided to take care of the school garden.

They also had passionate conversations about supporting the students who have limited resources, however they realized that they would need more time to raise funds and donations.

Who is affected by this problem and what bothers them?

All student would like to see some color in their school yard.

List all the solutions:

- The students decided to solve this problem with donations. They decided to promote the project inside the school. One of the solutions was raising funds and with the funds to purchase flowers from the market.

-. The second idea was that each classroom would donate a flowers pot which can be planted in the garden. The flowers could be cared while in the pots till ready to be transferred in the garden.

What solution was selected to be implemented and why?

- The team decided that each classroom could donate one flower pot which could be planted in the garden. The flowers could be cared for in the pots till are ready to be transferred. In this way the time needed for the project is reduced and they don't rely on others.

Describe what happened while implementing the solution:

The students decided to promote the project:

- They created flyers which were shared with they classmates, they drew posters for each classroom

- They divided themselves in teams and visited each classroom to present and promote the project. They also promoted the project at the school radio.

The results came quickly, students from all school decided to donate flowers. Other teams took care of the plants. They all decided through vote what should be the design on the new garden. The design chosen was a new garden shaped as number 7. They drew it with their hands and next using tools and gloves they planted the flowers. The students have been taking care of the garden and watering the flowers daily.

What is the impact of your project?

- At students level: the changed we noticed were in terms of their attitude and behavior towards the environment. They were able to solve the problem they identified, and the results were appreciated by all students, parents, community members and all those who can see the flowers.

- At school level: we now have a tradition to involve students and teachers in extracurricular projects.

- At community level: there were valued examples of best practice and active involvement in solving community problems

How many people benefited of your solution?

1300 people

What did the beneficiaries say about your solution? Write one or two quotes.

,,Normally people pass ignorantly by our school. It is impressive that this students noticed this issue and decided to take action."

"The students worked really hard to water and care for the flowers. Now we can all enjoy the results of their work"

What challenged did you face while working on this project and how did you overcome them?

- At start we planned to conduct the project during the Social Education class, but we realized that this is not possible. The main issue we had was time because we had

conduct project work during and outside school time. The students divided themselves in multiple groups and divided their time and activities among themselves.

How long did it take them to implement the solution?

15 -30 days

What did you do to promote the project in your school and community? With whom did you speak about your project? What answers did you receive?

- The project was promoted inside the school and community with:

- Posters

- Flyers

- Formal and informal conversations with direct and indirect beneficiaries, with school leadership, students, teachers, and community members

- Promoting the project at teachers and commissions levels

- Presenting the project at local school radio

How many people learned about your project?

- more than 100 people

How do you plan to support the project in the future.

- Each activity has the potential to be continued in the future using our own resources or by building partnerships with new partners. In this way we can continue to bring positive example in our community.

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