Street Library - National Highschool „Calistrat Hogaș” Piatra Neamț

Free Libraries are popular abroad and in Romania's largest city, we would like to bring this concept in our city as well. Even if it is not an easy project we took on the challenge because we believe it will bring a lot of joy in our community. Our goal is to build some small boxes placed across the city where you can take and/or bring a book.

This is a way we would promote reading and lecture. The books donated can be fantasy, romance, drama, contemporaneous literature or older book. The key is to share the books we have with the community. Would you be interested to go to the market to buy some bread and get back home with a Dostoievski book?

We started out work on May 1st, when we organized our work, for over two weeks we collected books for the library. The first street library was already built, and we aim to built 3 more by June 20th.

Change story facilitated by teacher Mihaela Cătălina Tărcăoanu,

List some of the problems identifies by students:

Student were very realistic and objectives. They identified multiple problems such us:

- missing classes

- pollution

- lack of community involvement in community activities

- increased price of books, limiting access to books and there so reading

- excessive use of technology

Explain what problem was selected and why:

We have decided to solve the problem of books because we love to read but it is challenging to access them because of the price, which is one of the reasons we have decided to start the free libraries.

On the other hand there are many active members of the community who are have many books and due to space need to trow them away; Why trow away something that can become a common good, which can bring joy to others.

Who is affected by this problem? Why?

Teenagers are the ones affected by this issue, because they depend on their parents funds. We also noticed that teenagers didn't lose their appetite for reading, rather the opposite and this this brings us joy.