Together we change the future! “Marcea Pompiliu” Secondary School, Tg. Jiu-Gorj

The focus in this project was make a change at the community level, a change proposed and achieved by little superheroes of third grade from the “Pompiliu Marcea” Secondary School, Tg. Jiu. “Together we change the future!” came as a story, a story created by children, by creative and hard-working pupils, who feel, imagine, take action but also communicate as grownups.

They screamed in a choir: I can!... I can help another child who wishes to have a toy, a coat to keep warm on cold days or a pencil to write his homework… I can be better, I can speak nice words and I can have a good relationship with my parents and colleagues. I can change the world, can you help me?

Both parents and the teachers said yes. In this way, this project became a dream come true that managed to reduce bullying but also brought beautiful moments in the life of disadvantaged children.

Story of change facilitated by Mrs Gogelescu-Badita Ana-Maria.

List the problems identified by the pupils:

- Eliminating bullying

- Offering help to disadvantaged

- Creating learning materials for younger colleagues

- Creating learning materials for the pupils who signed up for the After school programme

- Offering help to disadvantaged people but also to homeless animals

Explain what problem was chosen to be solved and why.

Help a number of 10 disadvantaged pupils from the school. Often, in the school breaks, children meet with various other colleagues from other classes. They observed that certain children do not have something to eat or do not have something to wear. I was surprised of the civic nature and the kindness the third graders showed… Besides the fact that they identified such a problem at school, they managed to come together and solve it.

Removing bullying from school. The word “bullying” does not have an exact translation in Romanian but it can be associated with terms such as intimidation, terror, brutalization. Bullying is not mean there is a conflict based on a real problem but on people’s wishes to win their power and authority, putting others in a bad light. With patience and wonderful ideas, pupils of third grade managed to finish this phenomenon.

What people are most affected by this problem? What is bothering them?