WE EXPEL VIOLENCE - Together we build a better future! Ziduri Secondary School, Buzau

Violence weakens the pupils’ connection with school, feelings of fear and insecurity are triggered - events that are since the beginning incompatible with the purpose of education and come in conflict with the right to learn in a safe and friendly environment. Through the proposed project, the 5th grade students have big chances of generating positive changes, in the pupils’ behaviour, because they have identified two issues, violence and discrimination as being very common among children lately, not only in school but in the society as well.

Through the activities and actions carried out - campaign promoting the rights of children and responsibilities, prevention and control of violence and discrimination - the project team considered that these phenomena will be “expelled” from school and lasting relationships, of friendship, respect, tolerance and cooperation between students will be built.

The team presented the project to the entire school, to all the teachers and representatives of the student council. The aim was to convince them that together they can generate the change, underlining the fact that they need to know, every time they witness an act of violence or while it is still in its initial state and planning of, they feel threatened, intimidated, verbally or physically abused by other children or adults, they can address the head teacher, another teacher they trust or the school principal, directly or through telephone, verbally or in writing, through SMS, email. The proposals from different classes were summarized and rules of conduct were put in place for the learning institution.

The team work done through the rules of conduct contributed to the feeling of belonging for mutually agreed things and raised the feeling of responsibility for everyone to respect these rules.

A story of change facilitated by Mrs. Stoinoiu-Morogan Cerasela

List the problems identified by the pupils:

  • In school:

  • Violence

  • Discrimination

  • Lack of a sports hall

  • In the community/village

  • Poverty due to lack of places to work

  • Violence

  • Discrimination

  • Pollution

  • Lack of sewage and running water

  • In the family

  • Lack of parents due to them working abroad

  • Violence

  • Lack of internet

  • Limited access to technology

Explain what problem was chosen to be solved and why.

Pupil chose to solve the problem with viole