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SUPERHEROES through movement, collaboration, friendship - Nr.1 Secondary School, Rm. Sărat, Buzău

The pupils identified a frequent problem encountered in schools in Romania, especially in our school. It’s about the right to equality, giving pupils with special needs same rights as everyone else and the importance of sport.

The children identified the causes and looked for solutions to lower the impact on each one of the people affected. They thought of carrying out a campaign through which to sensitise their class and school mates.

A story of change facilitated by Mrs Georgian-Elisabeta Baciu.

List the problems identified by the pupils:

  • Dependence on technology (cellphone, tablet etc.);

  • Lack of family activities

  • Poverty

  • Lack of a healthy diet

  • Marginalising pupils with special needs

Explain what problem was chosen to be solved and why.

The lack of willingness to communicate, integrating pupils with special learning needs, the lack of interest in a healthy eating.

What people are most affected by this problem? What is bothering them?

They believe that marginalising pupils is a major source of stress at school and that a lot of children are traumatised and do not come to school because of it.

List all the solutions you thought of.

  • Essays with the title: “The message of the victim to the aggressor”

  • To do more teamwork

  • To learn to be tolerant

  • Self-control exercises

  • Role play games

Which of these solutions was chosen to implement and why?

They chose to carry out a competitive campaign with the scope to sensitise aggressors. In this way, they will learn to be tolerant, they will understand the need of working in a team and will be conscious of the importance of having equal chances.

Briefly describe the process of implementing your solution/solutions

To accomplish implementing the project, the pupils split in two teams and carried out an action plan comprised of: activities, resources, duration and the responsible people. Afterwards they implemented the plan: they prepared various awareness games, including role play games. They wrote messages, made drawings and collages with the proposed aggressor and witness.

What are the results or the impact of your project?

Our story had a positive impact, both in the classroom and schoolwide . I believe the purpose was achieved, it sensitised, involved and motivated people.

Pupils became more united, more patient, more sensible to their colleagues problems and open to activities involving working together.

How many people benefited from your solution?

20 - 50 people

What did the people who benefited from the solution say? Write 2 quotes or opinions.

“Even if I was marginalised, I am happy that the same colleagues are now friends and in the end they understood my problems.”

“It is wonderful to work in a team.”

What difficulties did you encounter while implementing the project and how did you overcome them?

Using some supplies that were expensive for some children.

How long did it take to implement the solution?

More than 30 days

What did you do to promote the project in your school or in the community? With whom did the pupils talk to about the project? What answers did they receive?

We talked about this project with the pupil’s parents. We were encouraged to continue this project.

Approximately, with how many people did you talk to about the project?

20 - 50 people

Briefly, how do you plan on sustaining the project in the future?

We planned to continue this wonderful project by involving the parents.

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