SUPERHEROES through movement, collaboration, friendship - Nr.1 Secondary School, Rm. Sărat, Buzău

The pupils identified a frequent problem encountered in schools in Romania, especially in our school. It’s about the right to equality, giving pupils with special needs same rights as everyone else and the importance of sport.

The children identified the causes and looked for solutions to lower the impact on each one of the people affected. They thought of carrying out a campaign through which to sensitise their class and school mates.

A story of change facilitated by Mrs Georgian-Elisabeta Baciu.

List the problems identified by the pupils:

  • Dependence on technology (cellphone, tablet etc.);

  • Lack of family activities

  • Poverty

  • Lack of a healthy diet

  • Marginalising pupils with special needs

Explain what problem was chosen to be solved and why.

The lack of willingness to communicate, integrating pupils with special learning needs, the lack of interest in a healthy eating.

What people are most affected by this problem? What is bothering them?

They believe that marginalising pupils is a major source of stress at school and that a lot of children are traumatised and do not come to school because of it.