I Can! – “Romulus Paraschivoiu” Technology High School, Lovin, Timis

Students identified a problem that prevents them from having an optimal school environment: personal lockers, where they can keep their teaching materials and their personal belongings. The children searched and identified solutions to put this system of lockers in place

A story of change facilitated by Mr Grui Vasile.

List the problems identified by the pupils:

  • Renovating the IT lab

  • Installing personal lockers in the classroom

  • Proper heating in the classroom

  • Changing school furniture

  • Renovating the school sports hall

Explain the problem and why it was chosen.

Students proposed to install personal lockers in their classroom. They believe that by having lockers, they would carry a lighter backpack and they it would help them keep more personal belongings. In addition, I believe that other classes will follow their example.

What people are most affected by this problem? What bothers them?

The most affected are the children with an unfavorable height and weight in relation to the weight of their school backpack, but also the other pupils who might have a less comfortable way to school or back home from school.

List all the solutions that you thought of

  • Launch a campaign in school to make their idea popular

  • Discuss with the people making the decisions in school

  • Support from their parents

Which of these solutions was chosen to implement and why?