Dreams Corner, Inclusive Education Center Beclean, Bistrița-Năsăud

Pre-School students realized that something is missing in their classroom. The missing thing was a space where there will be toys and educational materials. All involved decided that it is time to take action to make this dream a reality.

We started to organize our work and took our responsibilities very seriously and we also asked others to support us. We received support and encouragement from others and everyone who learned about our project said that ”playing, toys and games are an important tool in early childhood education helping students develop intellectual, creative, logic, communication, emotional and physical competencies            

We decided to build a ”Dreams corner” because we believed in our mission to make this dream a reality. We made a plan, a list of toys and games, we looked for sponsor and started our journey.

Change Story facilitated by CÎRLEJAN ANICA. 

List the problems identified by the pupils:

  • Children's wish to play inside the classroom when they have some time off, when the weather is not nice and participate to therapy sessions using movement and games

  • Lack of toys and games they could use inside the classroom

  • Lack of a designated space for such activities

Explain the problem and why it was chosen.

The classroom is a space where the students spend most of their time. The classroom is clean and welcoming but is missing games and toys.

The lack of toys and games makes us sad and upset. We realized that a first step would be to learn that games/toys are useful and offer an opportunity for students to discover and learn how things work, but also how to communicate with others, play new roles, learn to be honest, respect the rules, work in teams, develop fair play spirit and become more collaborative. There so we started to reach for help and we found people who were interest to help and together we decided that WE CAN TOO.

What people are most affected by this problem? What bothers them?

The students, some parents and the teacher

List all the solutions that you thought of

  • Find sponsors to help us with this problem

  • Find some space in the classroom we could designate for games

  • Get to know each other

  • Learn to work as a team