Peer to peer Coaching , No 7 „Sfânta Maria” Secondary School, Timișoara

The students realized that some classmates are not skilled in handball, basketball or football and would like to practice. Also, there were students who were not very talented in singing, painting or dancing. Each one of them had something to share and there was something he/she would like to learn from a fellow classmate.

The students spoke about their talents, passions, skills and recognized their weaknesses. They organized different workshops based on their individual skills. The students took turns in playing the role of a teacher or a students depending on the subject. The students organized themselves without their teacher's intervention. They learned new skills and also practiced coaching. In the future they would like to expand this peer to peer learning program to even more classrooms and topics.

Change story facilitated by Tundrea Marinela.

List all the problems identified by students:

- The students thought first of problems regarding the cleanliness of their classroom, some students forget things at school and some need to pay more attention to the hygiene

- They noticed that there is no soap in school lavatory. After some conversations the students say that they often carry hand sanitizes and this is not such a big problem.

- Another problem identified by student was that there are low income students who receive help from other projects they participated too.

- Lastly they identified that some students fell stuck when they have to paint or draw. Shortly the ideas started flowing. There are also some students who fell they can't dance, sing, play basket, soccer or handball.

Explain what problem was selected to be solved and why.

After we wrote on the blackboard the problems we started voting. They were asked if they would like a public or secret vote and preferred to say out loud their preference. The large majority decided that they would like to get better at drawing, painting, music, dancing, basket, soccer and handball.

This was a new project for them because in the past they had already participated to Christmas or Easter Markets to donate objects for low income families and visit Nursing houses.

The idea of peer to peer coaching and to organize a talent show was the winner.