Peer to peer Coaching , No 7 „Sfânta Maria” Secondary School, Timișoara

The students realized that some classmates are not skilled in handball, basketball or football and would like to practice. Also, there were students who were not very talented in singing, painting or dancing. Each one of them had something to share and there was something he/she would like to learn from a fellow classmate.

The students spoke about their talents, passions, skills and recognized their weaknesses. They organized different workshops based on their individual skills. The students took turns in playing the role of a teacher or a students depending on the subject. The students organized themselves without their teacher's intervention. They learned new skills and also practiced coaching. In the future they would like to expand this peer to peer learning program to even more classrooms and topics.

Change story facilitated by Tundrea Marinela.

List all the problems identified by students:

- The students thought first of problems regarding the cleanliness of their classroom, some students forget things at school and some need to pay more attention to the hygiene

- They noticed that there is no soap in school lavatory. After some conversations the students say that they often carry hand sanitizes and this is not such a big problem.

- Another problem identified by student was that there are low income students who receive help from other projects they participated too.

- Lastly they identified that some students fell stuck when they have to paint or draw. Shortly the ideas started flowing. There are also some students who fell they can't dance, sing, play basket, soccer or handball.

Explain what problem was selected to be solved and why.

After we wrote on the blackboard the problems we started voting. They were asked if they would like a public or secret vote and preferred to say out loud their preference. The large majority decided that they would like to get better at drawing, painting, music, dancing, basket, soccer and handball.

This was a new project for them because in the past they had already participated to Christmas or Easter Markets to donate objects for low income families and visit Nursing houses.

The idea of peer to peer coaching and to organize a talent show was the winner.

Who is affected by this problem and how are they impacted?

All students are affected by this problem, but also the parent, teachers from other classrooms who have to spend extra time to support the student. In this case the students want to receive help but in an informal, collaborative, relaxed way, in a different type of class where we have a "different" type of teacher.

List all the solutions you had identified:

- The students thought of solving the problem by collaboration among highly skilled students from their classroom and highly skilled students from other classrooms. They started thinking what if the other students will have a different schedule which will not allow them to collaborate.

- Another idea was to implement the project only in their classroom and get all students involved.

- The third ideas was to implement the project outside school hours, but decided this would not work because there will be fewer students

What solution was selected to be implemented and why?

- The second solution was selected. The idea to implement the program only at their classroom and involve all the students. Everyone who has a talent and a skill or a talent which can be taught, can became a teacher, and a student in those activities where they lack a talent or a skill.

- The students organized peer to peer workshops in the areas of drawing, music, dance, soccer, handball, basket. In this way they would be all present and not depend on other classrooms schedule. The positive side is that all students can be both students and teachers.

Describe the process of implementing the solution.

The students decided to each promote their workshop.

The teachers invited the students to attend their workshop. And there were multiple activities taking place.

Physical activities such as dancing, football and basket took place outside in the school yard. And the drawing and music took place inside. The activities were free and creative and the kids loved it. The students were invited by other classmates to teach them about their activities.

What is the impact of your project?

- At students level - the attitude and the behavior towards fellow classmates and towards themselves changed. The 5th graders were able to communicate very well and collaborate with each other.

- At school level - we now have tradition to be actively involved in projects both students and teachers.

- At community level - we introduced positive examples of students driven change

How many beneficiaries?

20-50 individuals

What did people say about your solution? Write 2 testimonials or opinions.

A teacher who learned about the project asked the facilitating teachers " Was this really the idea of the students? it is genius!" The teacher said " Yes it was all their ideas and work, I only encouraged them to believe in their ideas"

Another teacher said "Though such projects we discover how amazing our students are!"

What challenged did you face and how did you overcome them? ?

-Our project didn't take place during "Saptamana altfel" because this week took place in October 2017. Even if we were thinking to involve colleges from other classes, we decided to conduct the program only with our classmates since our schedules did not allowed us. We conducted the session during Social Education class. The biggest issue we had was the lack of time. The students divided the asked and coordinated their work independently. The teacher's intervention was minimum.

How long did it take you to implement the solutions?

15 -30 days

What did you do to promote the project in your school or community? With whom did you speak about the project and what answers did you receive?

- We promoted the project with poster we created. We also organized workshops inside the school yard.

- We had formal and informal conversations with direct and indirect project participants as well as school leadership, students, teachers, parents and community members.

- We also promoted the project with school teachers.

How many people learn about your project?

- 20-50 individuals

How do you plan to support the project in the future?

All the activities could be continued by our team and with the support of new partners. In this way the positive examples of community engagement can be continued. In the future we plan to expand this projects to other classrooms and have more students experience the peer to peer coaching process. This will help all of us gain new skills and competencies.

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