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My dog, Ioan Opriș Secondary School Turda, Cluj

The students realized that they are too many dogs without an owner and they could do something about it. They found a dog shelter (the closest is 30 km away) and found out what are the steps to be taken when somebody finds a dog without an owner.

Change story facilitate by teacher Hărșan Carmen Liana

List all the problems identified by students:

  • Having a green space at school

  • Upgrading the school restrooms

  • Abandoned dogs

  • Street potholes

  • Spending more time with the family

  • Accepting others - no more discrimination

  • Play ground for children

  • Bike lanes

  • Trash smell around trash bins

What problem was selected to be addressed and why.

15 out of 21 students had listed the abandoned dogs as an important problem. Through vote the students decided to address the problem of abandoned dogs.

Who are the people affected by this problem? How it affects them?

Pedestians are affected by this problem as well as children when they are trying to play.

List of the solutions the children thought of

-Take the dogs home and take care of them

- Let them live on the streets but bring them food

- Take them to the veterinarian

- Fund raise for a shelter

- Find people who are interested to take them home

- Find sponsors to build a shelter

- Build a park for dogs (the dogs need to relax too)

- Set a team to get in touch with shelter when a dog is found

What solution was selected for implementation and why?

The most efficient solution was to set up a team to get in touch with a shelter when a dog is found. This was the optimal solutions because most of the students live in apartment building and they have no space or resources to look after the dogs.

Describe the implementation process

The students decided who is going to do what, what responsibilities they will have and what resources they need to implement their action plan. Three students Stoicu Alexandra, Crişan Maria, Horşia Denis and their master teacher reached out the the nearest animal shelter (Amicii Dog Rescue, Viişoara, Cluj) and visited to see how the animals are treated as well as the old and the new shelter.

They discussed with the leadership of the shelter what are the steps they need to take when they find a dog without an owner. The students decided to promote the shelter and create materials to be shared in the school and in Turda.

What are the results or the impact of the project?

First of all we now have knowledge about the steps needed when we find a dog without an owner. Second we know a shelter where the dogs can be brought and this knowledge can be shared. This project is the starting point for our future, long term activity. We shared the information about the shelter using flyers, Facebook and the word of mouth with the hope that dogs will be taken care of.

How many beneficiaries were there?

10-20 individuals

What did the people say? Write 2 testimonials or quotes.

„I didn't know that there are dog shelters"

„It is good that someone is looking after this animals. Good Job kids!"

What were some of the challenges and how did you overcome them?

The hardest thing was to find a shelter and get in touch with them. Everyone is very busy, they were building a new shelter and they thought that we just want to see the dogs but nothing more.

We persevere we searched for their phone number, we wrote to them and we finally manged to speak with those involved. We tried to show them that we are decided to help but out help will take time.

How long did it take you to implement the solution?

7-15 days

What did you do to promote the project in your school or community? With whom did you speak about the project? What did people say?

The project was implemented inside the school and the people here heard about our work. We hope to promote the project more in the fall when we return to classes.

How many people learned about your work?

-10 -20 people

What are your future plans for the project ?

Our team will create promotional materials to promote the shelter and will train volunteer to support with the transfer of dogs to the shelter and getting involved in activities at the shelter.

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